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About Me


My core values of integrity, authenticity, and service guide the decisions I make, both professionally and personally. Before starting my career in real estate, I served in community outreach and pastoral ministry, completing a two-year term of service with AmeriCorps. Making a positive difference is very important to me. Whether I am helping my clients sell their homes, or snow-blowing a neighbors’ sidewalk in the winter, I take joy in being able to be helpful to others! My core values inform who I am and the person I strive to be day by day. 


My commitment to excellence permeates everything I do. I work hard to accomplish the best results for my clients. I always do what is in my clients’ best interest. I’m committed to always speaking the truth to share the best advice, based on my professional experience. It’s important to me that my clients can trust that I will always put their interests ahead of mine. When practiced with integrity, real estate is a win-win situation for everyone involved (buyer, seller, and the realtors). I make it a priority to maintain open communication with my clients throughout the sale of their home. This is very important because when clients are informed they make the best decisions. Every house is unique so I always customize a plan that will get my client’s home sold for the highest price possible.


I have a master’s degree from George Fox University and completed extensive Ph.D leadership coursework at Gonzaga University (Go Zags!). I keep myself up-to-date on the changes taking place in the real estate industry including new laws, changes in the state forms, shifting market dynamics and economic trends, etc. I’m a nationally certified Seller Representative Specialist (CSRS). I have extensive experience negotiating the best deals for my clients. My approach to negotiation relies on the integrative bargaining approach. The best outcomes in negotiation are win-win for everyone involved. Buyers get the house of their dreams and sellers get the largest return possible on their investment and home equity. Combining my experience in real estate, problem solving at every step of the process, and a spirit of cooperation with the parties involved, this has proven to provide great results for my clients time and time again. So far in my career I have not had a single listing ever fail to sell. Last year I sold 37 homes (worth a total of $12.7 Million). 90% of those homes sold the first week on market and 70% received multiple offers!


I live an active and healthy lifestyle. During the low season I welcome the opportunity to spend time in nature, go hiking, and go for daily early morning walks at Manito Park. My wife and I love to go on road trips to Glacier, Yellowstone and Banff National Parks. We find joy in the beauty of nature and have cultivated a spirit of adventure and exploration. We love to travel to Europe and Mexico and experience new cultures, eat great food and form new friendships. We have an Old English Sheepdog, a high-energy guy who’s always keeping us on our toes, who encourages us to take a break every now and then when we get overly immersed in our work. 

Fun fact about me:  I’m a descendant of the 18th century Scottish mathematician Colin Maclaurin. My great-grandfather Richard Maclaurin was the president of MIT in its early days. They both had an affinity for numbers and so do I!

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